We’re on a mission

To give people a way to reign in the corrupting influence of big money on our democracy. Since big money decides elections long before we vote, we decided to give ‘the people’ a way to vote with their dollars 365 days a year. Democracy Coffee gives us a way to harness our collective purchasing power to work toward a future where politicians represent us—the citizens—and not just the interests of mega corporations.

What We Love

We Love Fair Elections. We Love Democracy Coffee. We love the Guerrilla Media Collective. We love Democracy Shorts.

Democracy Coffee

Giving consumers a new way to vote with their beans.

Our Story

Where we came from.


Holiday Special

Give the gift of Democracy Coffee.

Four one pound bags each in its hand sewn burlap coffee satchel with a festive red ribbon.

Give this either as a set or single bags for individuals on your list. Choose either whole bean or ground.

If you would like us to sub in a bag of our decaf coffee, or want all four bags of the same variety- please mention it in the comments.