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We are the People’s Empowerment Project.

We make taking on Corporate power….delicious!

Money has come to pick the pool of candidates long before we get to vote, so we’re giving consumers a new way to vote with their beans.

Democracy Coffee – It’s Ridiculously Good

Good to Be Different
Most businesses produce ads to sell products. We do things different, we sell a product to produce ads…ads aimed at increasing public appetite for sweeping campaign finance reform.

Good to the People
Given the stranglehold corporate power has on our democracy, we are of the sober opinion that crowdfunding animated parody may be one of the best ways to help people realize how powerful they really are.

Good to the Consumer
What’s empowering is delivering affordable coffee at your door that unites you with the emerging movement to crowdfund political revolution.

Good to the Roots
Wake up and brew your democracy knowing your coffee is from certified fair trade organic worker owned cooperatives that support community development projects in countries that have been harmed by US foreign policy.