This project will only be funded if at least $3300 is pledged by Dec. 7th 2014!

Most business's produce ads to sell products. We sell a product to finance ads. WTF? Wait, don't leave! Let us explain. We sell Democracy Coffee, a product whose proceeds go to making sure politicians who oppose public financing of campaigns (aka #fairelex), are unelectable. Democracy Coffee ads are as much about raising awareness about the cause, as they are about raising the funds needed to support the movement. Embedded within each coffee ad is a little nugget of bullsh&t busting information. So for example, the first ad exposes the most common pile of excrement; the notion that corrupt privately financed elections save tax payers more money then #fairelex.

The genius of this awareness raising campaign, is that it creates a financially sustaining positive feedback cycle. The typical media buy of an advocacy organization serves its purpose: it raises awareness or invites action on a certain issue. At the end of the day, the advocates are happy, they're down some money, but in exchange they can sleep knowing their message got out there. Fair enough, but we can do better. Since all of our corruption crashing commercials link back to the coffee, we not only get the message out, but we grow our financial we can run the next set of ads.

Sick of frackin climate chang'n masters of endless war on the poor buyin' off our elected officials? Pay for coffee anyways? Support this crowd funding campaign to reach millions of people with a message: Get big money out of politics.

The Supreme Court made money more relevant to the outcome of elections than the voters; so we decided to give consumers a new way to vote with their dollars. If this campaign reaches its goal, we will air this ad, and others, with the purpose of dispelling the misinformation campaigns of politicians who depend on public ignorance, to get away with opposing campaign finance reform.

We have new story boards being made, a message from the founder and more that we will be releasing as we ramp up this campaign, so stay tuned for the updates! To find out more about what Democracy Coffee buys, and our rapidly expanding Money Out of Politics Voting Bloc, check us out:


Q: I just supported this campaign, but the total does not reflect that change.

A: The crowdfunding software we are using, Ignition Deck,  requires us to manually refresh the supporter page to update the total with each new supporter. We think this is absurd and have requested that Ignition Deck fix this immediately. They have not yet responded.

In the mean time, we check back every hour or so, to see if there are any new supporters. If there are, we update the  total to reflect the recent changes. Feel free to email us at


More details about the project:

If we reach our goal by midnight December 7th, the funds from this crowdsourced project will help produce season one of a series of animated film shorts that take place in a not too distant future where a familiar cast of protagonists must win over public opinion for campaign finance reform. It's set in a dystopia characterized by a civil society gone amok with consumerism and a political establishment that must adhere to a caricature of modern day 1st amendment jurisprudence.

The animations will engage in theater of the absurd to draw attention to the thinly veiled corruption that lurks conveniently below the surface of a political class that is shy to explain why they stand in the way of the overwhelmingly majority of people who want campaign finance reform. Embedded within the story will be dramatically integrated Democracy Coffee product placement that encourage people to vote with their dollars.

The idea being that sales generated from the ads will help provide the revenue needed to keep us afloat to make the next ad. With each new short, the public will be a little quicker to see the blatant conflict of interest that politicians empowered by big money have when it comes to creating a political system that levels the playing field for the rich and poor alike.

Today is the last day and we still have a ways to go to reach our goal, please give as little as $3.65 to help matt celebrate his 33rd birthday by enabling him to make these animations come to life!

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